Friday, 1 March 2013

February Vegan food swap and Birthday treats!

Sorry it's been a while, can't believe I haven't blogged for the whole of February! I have had a rather busy month.

On 15th February it was my Goddaughter's 1st birthday and I was very happy that the local soft play centre offered soya milk so I was able to have a Mocha! They also had vegetarian meals for kids and adults although these contained Quorn so not vegan freindly, but a lot better then the usual offerings at these places.

I also spent an afternoon at my childhood friend's house in Brighton. Both her and her fiancé are vegan and we had a lovely roast consisting of sausages, roast potatoes, mustard glazed carrots and parsnips, garlic mushrooms, purple sprouting broccoli, rice & peas and vegan yorkshire puddings. It's a shame I forgot to take a photo!

When I arrived home from Brighton my Vegan foodswap parcel had arrived from Julie

I received seaweed rice crackers which were very tasty, a golden coconut dark chocolate bar (bountyish) this was lovely and I gobbled it down soon after opening the box. I also had apricot filled biscuits which were lovely with a cup of coffee. The dark chocolate contains raspberry pieces which I didn't realise at first as it didn't say on the packet (although there is a mssive raspberry on the front!) this made a nice change. The best part of the box was the homemade vegan fudge.

This was so nice it didn't take me long to finish off the whole bag, I did manage to share a couple of pieces with my Mum though! I asked Julie for the recipe so I can have a go at making this myself. I would say this was the best fudge (vegan or otherwise) I have ever tasted!

It was also my birthday in February. I received a lovely owl bag from my Dad from Vegan Cross, I haven't taken a pic yet but here is the item on their website I also took a trip up there myself to spend some of my birthday money, I bought some soya spray cream, dark bubbly chocolate (aero-esque), cappuccino white chocolate, vegan oreos, hazelnut chocolate spread and vegan doner meat. I had the doner meat for dinner one night last week with crudite, houmous and a ciabatta roll, it was delish!

For my birthday meal my boyf took me to Manna in Primrose Hill
My phone had no battery so sorry for the lack of pics! For starter I had a cannellini bean slider with smoky paprika potato wedges and the boyf had mushroom and pepper quesadilla which he really enjoyed, I think this was the first time he had had vegan cheese or sour cream. For main I had the Caribbean platter which consisted of a stew, aromatic rice, a jerk tofu, roasted onion and plaintain kebab served with a pineapple, ackee and courgette salsa. The boyf had mushroom and asparagus risotto strudel served with a truffled jus, roasted tomatoes and seasoned greens. At this point I was starting to feel full but there was no way I was skipping dessert! We both went for the sticky toffee pudding with brandied pecan vice cream and caramel sauce and it was truely divine!

I have had a month off healthy eating owing to all the birthday celebrations, so I haven't weighed myself but will be back on it this month!

I have quite a vegan month coming up with Vegfest Brighton and I am going on a forage in Essex at the end of the month.

Until next time vegheads!

Vgirl Xx

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